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1) Go to
2) click on "self service"
3) Enter your PIN as it appears on your card, click submit
4) If successful, enter the remaining details of your policy (i.e. Name, vehicle registration etc.) click print when finished.

N.B.: Your policy takes effect on the date u click on "print". You may subsequently print ur certificate any number of times by using the same PIN, so keep ur PIN very carefully.

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Fin Insurance Company Limited
CEO's Message

FIN Insurance Company Limited was incorporated on the 24th of April, 1981 and Commenced Insurance Operations in 1983. . The company has consistently contributed to the economic development of Nigeria while also setting standards in the insurance sector.FIN Insurance in compliance with the provisions of the Insurance Act 2003 is registered as an insurer of General and Special Risks insurance business. It was acquired by then Finbank Plc and name was changed to Fin Insurance Co. Ltd in 2007/2008 In 2012 Finbank was acquired by First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and this automatically made Fin Insurance a subsidiary of FCMB. The controlling shares of Fin Insurance was acquired by Africa Capital Alliance (ACA) in 2013 and because of the holding interest of ACA in Cornerstone Insurance Plc a ‘no object letter was issued by National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to Cornerstone Insurance for Fin Insurance to become a subsidiary of Cornerstone Insurance in 2015. .

Our business extends beyond insurance of varied risks to indemnity and guarantees, and Asset management amongst others.

FIN Insurance, today has over fifteen (15) Branches nationwide. As at December 31, 2007 the Company received premium income worth N242, 858, 800 million from its operators and its Total Asset Base was N3, 398, 278Billion. FIN Insurance enjoys good global re-insurance arrangements with both foreign and local reinsurers.

The company authorized share capital was recently increased to N3 Billion ordinary shares of N1.00 each. The company is capitalized beyond the compliance requirements of the Investment and Securities Act 1999 and the Insurance Act 2005 with N3 Billion paid up share capital.

The company like all legacy companies that passionately desire to have continued relevance in the environment in which we operate, evolves and reinvents itself continuously. Today, FIN Insurance is a strong and visible brand in the insurance sector, an experienced, viable and competent insurance company.

The company has the goal of becoming a global player with global standards and ethics. The company has set direction with its Mission Statement, to provide first-rate risk management services to diverse client base.

The change management programme of the new Management team attract, deploy and retain the best quality staff, establish the company as a leader in product innovation and in the provision of customer service, utilize cutting-edge business systems and processes.

There can be no doubt that the future for FIN Insurance is brilliant with latest Technological innovations.

This is required in connection with submission of Tenders for Contracts. The purpose is to guarantee that the Bidder (Contractor), if awarded the Contract will enter into the Contract and to furnish the required Performance Bond. Apart from being a guarantee, it also qualifies the Contractor to bid for a Contract. Thus it in effect satisfies two purposes.
Performance Bond:
This is required to guarantee the Contractor for the due performance of the Contract as per its terms and specification.
Advance Payment Bond:
This is required by the oblige (Employer) to secure the Advance Payment made to the Contractor. That is, to guarantee that funds advanced for the purpose of the contract is duly utilized for the intended purpose.

Retention Bond:
It is required where the Contractor desires to be paid up front the percentage of money the Employer usually retains until after successful completion of contract i.e. after the maintenance period.



This policy provides cover to the insured in the event of loss or damage to property covered under it as a direct result of fire, explosion or lightning. Optionally, extraneous perils such as strikes, riots natural disasters like storm damage, flood, earthquakes and malicious damage can also be covered.

These are not covered by the regular FIRE/EXTRANEOUS POLICY. The property covered includes building, office/home furniture, equipment and electronics. Section 65 (2) of the Insurance Act 2003, states that all Public Buildings which include tenement houses, hostels, buildings occupied by a tenant, lodger or licensee and any building to which members of the public have ingress and egress for the purpose of obtaining educational or medical service, or for the purpose of recreation or transaction of business, must be insured against the hazards of collapse, fire, earthquake, storm and flood. Benefits In instances where loss or damage is not total, repairs or replacement is made.

FIN Insurance may decide to either repair or replace the property. Premium The Premium paid depends on the extent of cover as well as the type of occupants - industrial, office or residential. A discount may be given based on claims history and the quality of protection i.e. fire protection, security etc. Requirements Fully filled Policy proposal form with all the details of the property to be insured. Fire and special perils insurance will continue to play a very important role in the survival of the economy


Several insurance companies have developed special package policies to address the special needs of home businesses. Home entrepreneurs have other options for coverage, including BOPs, or “incidental business endorsement", a special form that attaches to an existing homeowners policy.

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Private Cars - vehicles used for individual use
• Commercial Vehicles (cars and buses) - for paying passengers
• Commercial Vehicles (Owner based) - This covers vehicles used for carrying commercial goods owned by the policy holder.
• Commercial Vehicles (General Cartage) – This covers vehicles hired out for carrying goods belonging to others for hire.
• Motorcycles - used for social, domestic; pleasure or commercial purposes.
Third party insurance costs N5,000.00

A group policy can be obtained to cover multiple vehicles that have the same ownership or for vehicles owned by employees of the same organisation. These policies attract a special discount. Discounts are also given when there are no claims during the period preceding the renewal. In the event that a vehicle is sold, the new owner does not inherit applicable discounts.


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